Prof. Fakhar Alam

Dept. of English

Govt. College Civil Lines Multan

Prof. Fakhar Alam

Dept. of English

Govt. College Civil Lines Multan

Prof. Fakhar Alam

Dept. of English

Govt. College Civil Lines Multan

Prof. Fakhar Alam

Dept. of English

Govt. College Civil Lines Multan

    MA English Part I      BZ University Multan

    Paper-5        History of English Literature

    The objective of this course is to give the students a complete historical background of English literature. It will also help them to analyze trends in English literature in different eras. It is also based on the critical analysis of all the genres of literature in every age.


    1) Medieval Age

    2) Renaissance Age

    3) Puritan Age

    4) Restoration Age

    5) Augustan Age


    1. Romantic Age

    2. Victorian Age


    1- Modern Age

    2- Postmodern Age

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Prof. Fakhar Alam
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